Performance, agility, control.

The 959 Panigale boasts all kinds of Ducati technology to offer the perfect balance between track performance and road control and safety.
On the road
On the track
Absolute control

320 mm

The 959 Panigale is equipped with a front braking system composed of two Brembo radially mounted monobloc M4.32 callipers, activated by a radial brake pump. The discs are 320 mm in diameter. At the rear is a single 245 mm disc. Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres, designed to give high performance on both the road and the track, are the perfect choice for the 959 Panigale, able to ensure optimum grip when the bike is leaning or exiting curves.

Lightness and handling

-4 mm

The already impressive set-up figures of the 899 have been further improved on the 959. The steering geometry remains unchanged, with 24° of rake and 96 mm front wheel trail. The double-sided swing-arm, entirely created in fused aluminium, has a pivot that is 4 mm lower with respect to the 899, with the wheelbase fixed at 1,431 mm, while weight distribution is 51% at the front and 49% at the rear, becoming a perfect 50/50 with the rider on board.

On the road
On the track
Maximum safety

ABS system

The 959 Panigale is equipped, as standard, with the Bosch 9MP ABS system with integrated pressure sensor. the three-level system ensures reduced stopping distances and greater stability in any riding condition. While level 1 of the system adjusts ABS intervention to sports performance and does not involve activation of the rear anti-wheeling mechanism, level 2 offers the same type of intervention but also activates the anti-wheeling system. Lastly, level 3 corresponds to the maximum degree of intervention, ensuring maximum stability while braking and rear wheelie control.

Sports gearing

Ducati Quick Shift

The DQS electronic gearbox on the 959 Panigale allows for almost instantaneous gear shifting. The ECU immediately notes the gear and throttle opening angle and intervenes by cutting both ignition and injection for a period of time in the region of thousandths of a second. Traction is interrupted electronically, allowing for rapid shifting without intervening on the clutch or throttle, in perfect racing style.

Absolute performance

Ducati Traction Control

The DTC system on the 959 Panigale harnesses the software logic used by Ducati Corse in the MotoGP and Superbike World Championships and allows you to choose between eight profiles, developed to respond to any environmental condition. While level 8 helps you acquire safety, turning itself on at the slightest sign of wheelspin with a high level of interaction, level 1, reserved for more expert riders, is characterised by greater tolerance and, therefore, by minimum intervention.

Riding enjoyment

Riding Modes

The Riding Modes system is programmed to instantly modify the character of the bike, intervening with regard to ABS, DTC and EBC as well as the Power Modes, or rather on the various power supply curves. The three dedicated Riding Modes for the 959 Panigale are Race, Sport and Wet.

Exhaust system

Euro 4 homologation

The exhaust system also enjoys some new features: in the “World” version, a double side silencer is fitted, in line with the Euro 4 homologation regarding emissions, while in the version for those markets in which Euro 4 is not obligatory, the exhaust system is under the engine, joined to the fairing. For those who are still not happy, there are also aftermarket alternatives created by Akrapovic in lightweight titanium.


The 959 Panigale is equipped with compact instrumentation with an LCD display that allows you to customise and save ABS, EBC, DTC, DQS and Ride-by-Wire settings within each of the Riding Modes. In addition, the stopwatch function can display the last 30 laps completed, recording the lap number, maximum speed and maximum revs achieved during each lap.